Mile High Ministries Events

Christmas Store

In order to strengthen families and offer a dignifying holiday shopping experience for our neighbors, Mile High Ministries offers a one-day Christmas Store in which lower-income parents can purchase gifts for their children. Denver has lots of programs that give away free toys. We are convinced that the extra gift for parents is to give them the dignity of shopping and purchasing gifts for their own kids. The kids get wonderful, brand new toys. Parents get the joy of knowing they provided… and that they found a bargain! Families from Mile High Ministries programs are invited to shop for toys at a subsidized rate (they pay $5 per toy - two toys per kid). We’ve been celebrating the birth of Christ this upside-down way for 25 years – buying high and selling low, so that even our poorest neighbors can provide for their own kids.

Prophetic Imagination Retreats

September | 2017
Capitol Hill | Denver

Denver’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood is a place full of history, allure, and intriguing characters. Come explore this part of the city on a day-long retreat that is part walking tour, part theological teaching and part spiritual practice. This retreat will be filled with leaders from around the Denver Metro Area seeking to get a better glimpse of God’s shalom at work through the prophetic imagination of people both past and present.

We hope that you’ll join us for this time of exploring and learning.

Peacemaker Awards Breakfast

October 19th | 7:30-9:00AM
at Joshua Station
2330 Mulberry Place | Denver

Please make plans to join us for a morning of celebrating peacemakers in our city. The morning will include a free breakfast and a short program honoring the contributions individuals have made to the holistic thriving of our city,
To RSVP now, please email:

Awards to be Presented:
Clara Brown Legacy Award
Joshua Transformation Award