Our New Labyrinth

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For centuries, the labyrinth has been a tool and a symbol for journey and pilgrimage labyrinthin the Christian faith. From
cathedral floors to rocks on a beach, Christians have built and then journeyed with God within maze-like paths that lead into and out of a time of quiet reflection with God.

We recently completed the construction of our own labyrinth here on the grounds of Mile High Ministries. We re-purposed a drainage area that was already filled with rocks and made a welcoming space for our staff, clients, and residents to go to be with God in a prayerful way.

No sooner had Jeff and Penny finished moving rocks around than a family who labyrinth2walked through the Joshua Station program showed up to see what was going on. After only a brief primer on the meaning of the labyrinth, the kids took off to venture through the path to discover what the journey held for them.

Once finished, one of the kids reflected that the labyrinth was a lot like life: sometimes you think you’re heading straight for your destination, but then you find some twists and turns that seem to send you in the opposite direction. Once you’ve arrived at where you intended to go in the first place, you can look back at those twists a
nd turns as chances to see where God is at work and lessons you needed to learn about yourself.

Out of the mouths of babes…

Come wander the labyrinth at Mile High Ministries and discover for yourself what God is speaking to you in the quiet space of your own journey.
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