Prophetic Imagination in Capitol Hill

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Seeking the Peace of Our City Retreats are a series of one-day “urban immersion” retreats hosted by Mile High Ministries and Centering Way. Each retreat is built around around a key word – and related perspectives and practices – that represents how we have grown to think about life and ministry in our city.

The upcoming September retreat, titled Prophetic Imagination, will take us along a two-mile stretch of East Colfax Avenue, beginning at the Denver Justice Center, weaving through the Civic Center and up Capitol Hill.

The theme of Prophetic Imagination is a lot to unpack, so Jeff Johnsen, Scott Dewey and Ryan Taylor recorded an introductory podcast to share with all of you. We hope you enjoy this 30 minute conversation which explores the idea of prophetic spirituality – both as a theological concept from the writing of scholars like Walter Brueggemann and Abraham Heschel, as well as a concrete expression and way of life here in Denver.


Listen here:


Prophetic Imagination


We hope you’ll join us!

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