What Guides Our Work

We seek God's peace for our city through the creative, compassionate, and prayerful development of people and communities.

Our vision is a city where families are transcending poverty, in part because churches and faith communities are helping in ways that are genuinely helpful and empowering. It is a city where communities are being led by those who were once labeled as least, last, and lost. This vision draws its inspiration from scripture, which provides the breath-taking image of a city where those who were once poor now prosper, where children are no longer doomed to misfortune, and where unlikely partners live and work together in peace (Isaiah 65:17-25).

Presence - We are followers of Jesus from different streams of the Christian tradition. Our shared faith is built upon the story of God's presence among us, fully sharing the human experience. The incarnation invites us to be fully present as we share life with our neighbors.

Prayer - In our often-intense urban context, we are learning the value of quieting our hearts and minds in order to listen for the voice of God. Prayer is itself a kind of presence: being present to God; trusting that God is fully present to us.

Peacemaking - Seeking the peace of the city means unplugging from the violence of rivalry and exclusion that come so naturally, pursuing instead relationship and collaboration, including with people whose worldviews may differ from ours, for the shared joy of building healthy and welcoming communities.

Our Story

Mile High Ministries was formed in 1988 as a collaborative effort between a group of churches working across denominational and cultural lines. We began our journey as a small group of mostly suburban folks with a heart for the poor. Over the years we’ve become urban people and an urban movement, deeply connected to our neighborhoods in the heart of the city. While our focus is Denver, we’re helping communities across the metro area see and connect with the growing numbers of poor and marginalized people within their own neighborhoods, while building connections between leaders throughout our urbanizing world.

From its earliest days, Mile High Ministries functioned as a kind of “incubator” for a variety of social ventures, which in many cases have spun-off to operate independently. Examples of past-projects include: The Marion Street Project, which transformed five 100-year-old “boarding homes” and an office building into a center of holistic community service; Belay Enterprises, which launched a successful home-improvement thrift store (Bud's Warehouse) to provide career development for individuals rebuilding lives from poverty, addiction, or prison, as well as creating a loan pool to provide small-business loans to lower-income entrepreneurs; and Prodigal Gatherings, which provides a safe place for homeless and runaway teenagers to build positive relationships while connecting youth and children to area organizations for their holistic needs. Over the years, Mile High Ministries has hosted many hundreds of people for seminars, workshops, conferences, and personal journeys into communities unlike their own.

After 14 years of focusing our work in Capitol Hill, we expanded to work in neighborhoods across the city of Denver, in partnership with churches, faith-based organizations, and other community organizations. In 1999, we established a leadership development center in our apartment building on the east side of Denver. And in 2001, we purchased the old “Motel 7” on Denver’s west side, which was renovated into transitional housing for homeless families, a legal aid clinic, and home base for a variety of innovative responses to urban poverty.

Mile High Ministries is an inter-denominational community. The people of Mile High Ministries – staff, board, volunteers and supporters – represent different streams of the Christian tradition: Social Justice, Evangelical, Charismatic, Sacramental, and others. Most of us share a common commitment to the historic Christian faith and to God’s active concern for the poor and marginalized.


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